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We are on a mission to make a change in Mexico. Check out our current and upcoming projects and join the cause!

wave separator
Plastino come tapitas
Plastino - the bottle cap lover
Plastino loves eating plastic! Find him in your local schools.

Sadly Mexico does not yet have the recycling power needed to keep the plastic waste off the Caribbean beaches. With a few local recycling centers, we decided to help and educate by promoting the separation and understanding of plastic bottle caps. We placed this fun and inviting guy in some of the local schools in the area.

Beach cleanups mexico
Beach cleanings
Restoring the Caribbean shoreline

Mar Amor was founded due to the mass amounts of plastic we found covering the once pristine beaches of the Mexican Caribbean. For the last year we have been involved with the community by removing plastic waste from our coastlines. From Cancun to Sian Ka'an, we have had the amazing support of volunteers making a difference one piece of plastic at a time.

Ocean cleanup
Cleaning the sea
Plastic pollution needs to be dealt with from the inside out.

For the past year we have been involved in cleaning the beaches of the mexican Caribbean. We have seen the mass amounts of plastic and waste that wash up. We are currently in the process of planning ocean cleanups. We are talking with possible boat sponsors and volunteers about making this happen before the end of the year.

Upcycling plastic Mexico
Upcycling plastic
Stop the production of plastic

We strongly believe that there is no need to continue the production of plastic. Every single piece of plastic ever made still exists today. So why aren't we using it? About 15% of all plastic is recycled, the rest is ending up in our oceans and lands. We have some ideas on how to reuse our waste vs using natural resources as alternatives.

Plastic free Mexico partners
Joining forces to fight against plastic pollution

We have slowly but surely began creating partnerships & alliances to help support and promote the fight against plastic. Small hotels such as Villa Duendes in Akumal will give away free nights in exchange for bags of plastic waste collected on the beaches.

Free the sea

Our oceans & beaches face one of the biggest threats humanity has ever seen. With the help of donors & partners like you, Mar Amor is developing innovative projects aimed towards a plastic free Mexico. Thank you for your donation and support.


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